ATG Checkout Flow Interview Questions (Basic Level)

ATG Checkout Flow Interview Questions 

ATG Checkout Flow Interview Questions for Basic Level / Developer level interview Questions. Check flow is also called as Purchase process flow.

One of the important concepts or modules in Oracle ATG commerce is Oracle ATG Check Flow. No ATG interview can be complete without asking questions on oracle ATG Checkout flow. Following are the set of interview questions you can frequently expect on Oracle ATG Checkout Flow module.

ATG Checkout Flow Interview Questions

ATG Checkout Flow Interview Questions

  • Purchase Process flow
    • Add to cart — Payment Page — Shipping Page — Order Review Page — Order Confirmation Page
  • Purchase Process Subsystem
    • Base Commerce Classes and Interfaces
      • What is a commerceItem
      • What is a ShippingGroup
      • What is a Payment Group
      • Various Relationship
        • ShippingGroupCommerceItemRelationship
        • PaymentGroupOrderRelationship
        • PaymentGroupCommerceItemRelationship
        • PaymentGroupShippingGroupRelationship
      • Business Layer Classes
        • Use of OrderTools
        • Use of OrderManager
        • Use of CommerceItemManager
        • Use of ShippingGroupManager
        • Use of PaymentGroupManager
    •  Pipelines used in Purchase process
      • Commercepipeline.xml
      • PipelineManager component and its usage
    • Order Repository
      • orderrepository.xml
      • OOTB and project specific customization
    • Use of Address classes in Purchase process
  • What is an Order?
  • Implementation of Order – OrderImpl
  • Use of OrderHolder component
  • Use of ShoppingCart component
  • Various Manager components
    • Use of OrderManager component
    • Use of PaymentManager Component
    • Use of ShippingGroupManager Component
  • Use of OrderTools component in checkout flow and  its configurations
  • How to extend Order in an ATG application
  • Various implementation of OOTB PaymentGroups available in ATG
    • Credit card
    • StoreCard
    • GiftCertificate
  • What are the various FormHandlers in Purchase flow / check flows?
  • Explain ATG web commerce Order states
    • OOTB  states
    • Custom states – specific to your Project
  • How to extend Purchase Process Form Handlers

Note: Explanation in interview should be WRT to the project worked up on rather than just answering the question theoretically.


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