How to Setup New PayPal Business Account – Part 1

New PayPal Business Account Steps- Part 1

Any eCommerce integrating with PayPal has to set up PayPal business account. These are the steps we have followed to set up a new business account for integrating with PayPal.

New PayPal Business Account


Step 1 – Login to your PayPal Account

You must have a PayPal Business or Premier account to make calls to the live PayPal servers. Using the login credentials from your business account, by entering your PayPal username and password.

1Post login – Welcome Page

2Step 2 – Navigate to the API Access page

Select My Account > Profile > My Selling Tools

3Click the Update (API Access) link:

4In the API Access page – click the View API Signature link

New PayPal Business Account

API Access

Step 3 – Remove your existing set (if already generated)

If you’ve already generated a set of API credentials, you’ll have to delete your existing set before you can generate a new set of credentials.


New PayPal Business Account

View or Remove API Signature

New PayPal Business Account

Remove API Credentials

Step 4 – Generate the Certificate set

Click Request API Credentials on the API Access page

New PayPal Business Account

API Access

On the Request API Credentials page, select the Request API Certificate radio button, then click the Agree and Submit button

New PayPal Business Account

Request API Credentials

Step 5 – Download API Certificate page displays

On the Manage API Certificate page, check the status of your API Certificate, whether it is Active or About to expire

New PayPal Business Account

Manage API Certificate

Note: we can remove the certificate on this page by clicking – Remove Certificate.


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