Endeca related modules and capabilities

Endeca related modules and capabilities

The name Endeca is derived from the word entdecken (German ), which means “to discover.”

Oracle Endeca’s Web commerce solution helps you in delivering a personalized, consistent customer buying experience across various channels like online website, in-store, mobile, or social.

Delivering right content to right customer is the mantra of Oracle Endeca Web commerce solution. This results in encouraging the customer to click right and drive good business results.

Endeca Experience Manager

  • Adaptive Content Targeting & Delivery
    • Control guided navigation
    • Stratify search results
    • Related product and content
    • Integrate with promotions
    • Placement of content
    • Boost high value content
    • Cartridges for external content
  • Cartridges
    • main column content
    • side bar item
    •  full width content
    • extension library
  • Page Templates
  • Cross Channel
  • Multi-site

Endeca related modules and capabilities


Endeca guided search and navigation

Is an effective way to explore the store front and find the relevant desired items quickly. Its also an industry leading faceted search and guided navigation solution. It helps the customers in each and every step of their search experience.

  • Search look ahead
  • Spell Correction
  • Relevance strategies
  •  Guided navigation
  • Multi Select
  • Inventive refinements
  • Search structured & un-structured data across multiple systems at run time

Note: Endeca Guided Navigation is available to all customer

Endeca commerce business intelligence

  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable user interface
  • Application and data security model
  • Best practice user scenarios
  • Predefined datasource mappings & connectors

Endeca Social

  • Facebook connector
  • Facebook cartridge
  • Facebook store

Endeca Mobile

  • barcode scanning
  • one-touch check-out
  • location-based services
  • cart and social integration
  • automatic device recognition

Endeca related modules and capabilities

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Endeca related modules and capabilities

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