Form Error Handling in Oracle ATG

Form Error Handling in Oracle ATG

Form Error Handling in Oracle ATG

Form Error Handling in Oracle ATG

As part of error handling in an Oracle ATG Commerce application, one must be aware of 2 activities: 1. identifying the error and 2. Handling the error that can occur during the submission of form. So every ecommerce application or a web application should be aware of how these 2 activities can be achieved.

Example: A user enters an alphabetic character in the fields where numerical digits are required. Assume that an int type is set for this property, on submission of form, application is expected to throw an exception as it tries to set this property with the value entered in the form field, which is a alphabet.

In this scenario ATG provides a way to handle error if the form handler being used as part of this form submission extends GenericFormHandler or any of its subclasses. So all the exceptions that occur as part of the form processing will be saved to the below mentioned properties of the form handler component.

Property name Purpose of the property
formError Is a Boolean property.  This property will be set to true on occurrences of any errors as part of form submission.
formExceptions Is a vector property that holds the exceptions that occur as part of form processing.
propertyExceptions Is a read-only property. This property will return a Dictionary of subproperties, one for each property set by the form.An part of the form submission any property that generates an exception, a related subproperty in the propertyExceptions Dictionary contains that exception. And for any property that does not generate an exception, the corresponding subproperty in the propertyExceptions Dictionary will be unset.

On the JSP page the displays error messages that can arise out of form submission can be shown using:

Class Name





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Form Error Handling in Oracle ATG

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