Get all file names in given directory – Java IO

Java IO – Code to get all file names in a given directory

Java IO code to get the list of file names in a given directory. This will iterate through all the directories and get the files names from each of the folder.

Input: Pass the path / directory

Returns: File names in a array format.


Java IO

Java IO

Code to get all file names in a given directory

public static String[] getAllFileNames(String pFilePath) throws IOException
   List<String> fileNames = new ArrayList<String>();
   File fileDir = new File(pFilePath);
   if (fileDir != null)
      // get list of all files
      File[] aFiles = fileDir.listFiles();
      if (aFiles != null)
          for (int x = 0; x < aFiles.length; x++) {
               // ignore directories
               if (aFiles[x].isDirectory()) {
            } // end for()
    String[] fileNamesArray= new String[0];
    return (String[]) fileNames.toArray(fileNamesArray);


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