Oracle ATG CatalogItemLookupDroplet

Oracle ATG CatalogItemLookupDroplet

atg.commerce.catalog.custom  Class CatalogItemLookupDroplet

Oracle ATG CatalogItemLookupDroplet

Oracle ATG CatalogItemLookupDroplet


ATG Servlet beans can use CatalogItemLookupDroplet for CategoryLookup, ProductLookup and SkuLookup.

Any servlet beans that are instantiated from CatalogItemLookupDroplet use the RepositoryItem ID to look up the item in a repository.

If found: a check is made if the item is part of the catalog associated with Users profile. Or we can also pass the catalog specified through catalog input parameter, so that the servlet bean checks if the item belongs to specified catalog. From either of the case, if the item is found the bean renders the output open parameter. If the bean still can’t find the item, then bean returns the wrongCatalog open parameter.

If not found: renders the open parameter.

Example of a ProductLookup servlet bean. In the properties file we have to specify the

 Class Name = atg.commerce.catalog.custom.CatalogItemLookupDroplet

Class Name atg.commerce.catalog.custom.CatalogItemLookupDroplet
Component(s) /atg/commerce/commerce/catalog/CategoryLookup




ProductLookup servlet bean with the following properties:




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