Oracle ATG Code – Sorting the Repository Items

Oracle ATG Code – Sorting the Repository Items based on the Date

Oracle ATG Code – Sorting the Repository Items based on the Date using Comparator and Collections – reverse Order.

A comparison function, imposes a total ordering on a object collection. Comparators is used to control the order of certain data structures or to provide an ordering for collections of objects which don’t have a natural ordering.

Oracle ATG Code - Sorting


private List <RepositoryItem> stixsSortItemsByLastUpdateDate(List <RepositoryItem> items) {
Collections.sort(items, Collections.reverseOrder(new Comparator < RepositoryItem > () {

public int compare(RepositoryItem repItem1, RepositoryItem repItem2) {
int retValue = 1;
Timestamp t1 = new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis());
Timestamp t2 = new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis());

t1 = (Timestamp) o1.getPropertyValue(ProfileConstants.P_PROFILE_LAST_LOGIN_DATE);
t2 = (Timestamp) o2.getPropertyValue(ProfileConstants.P_PROFILE_LAST_LOGIN_DATE);

Date date1 = new Date(t1.getTime());
Date date2 = new Date(t2.getTime());

if (date1.before(date2)) {
retValue = 1;

if (date1.after(date2)) {
retValue = -1;
if (date1.equals(date2)) {
retValue = 0;

return retValue;
return items;


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