Oracle ATG interview – 1 (Part 2)

Oracle ATG interview – 1 (Sample Interview Questions) – CONTINUED…

Below are the set of Oracle ATG Interview questions asked during interview of a US based retailer. We have listed them to help you understand practicality of the interview.This will give you an overall view how a Oracle ATG interview will shape-out during the interview process

  • What is Order?
    • Basic flow like when a user logs in a empty cart/order is created with a empty SG and PG assigned.
    • When we add item
      • Brief explanations about Commerce Item
      • Brief explanations about Shipping Group
      • Brief explanations about Payment Group
      • Brief explanations about relationships
Oracle ATG Interview

Oracle ATG Interview

  • When you use Price list? And its advantages
    • Also talk about Static Pricing in ATG
    • B2B Scenario explains how the price list can be used WRT to different Buyer Organizations, based on the contract.
    • Mainly Price List is used to have specific prices for specific group of customer
    • How we can set Base Price list and override the pricelist to implement or override the Prices in the new pricelist
  • Web service implementation in any ATG project
    • WSDL / XSD are provided by the client.
    • WSDL defines
      • Structure of the request and
      • Source details
    • Class file generations using AXIS or JAXB
    • Populate the data in the domain layer and pass to adapter and call the Tools class to call the web service method
    • Data form the Service is populated back into the generated domain layer class and use the data in our application side.
    • JAXB or any XML binding technology plays an important role here.
  • How inventory is implemented in your application
    • Describe about the ATG Inventory implementation
    • But most of the time inventory is implemented by client specific implementation and does not use ATG implementation for various reason like – current or legacy stable implementation with third party integration
      • Know the the basics – how OOTB ATG works
      • In your project explain – 3rdparty integrations of inventory is done
        • WSDL exposure
        • Request and Response
      • Few inputs about ATG inventory
        • Single item descriptor – inventory
        • Stock level
        • Backorder level
        • preorder level
  • Explain about ATG Pipelines
    • Basic explanation
      • Servlet pipelines
        • For request handling in ATG application
        • Know about few customization as part of your project ATG servlet pipe line
      • Commerce Pipeline
        • Order pipeline
        • Payment pipeline
        • Process Order Pipeline
      • Pipelines notes
        • Set of processors to be executed which does specific business logic based on the status returned it calls the next processor
        • Like servlet chains
        • Note: Build your Explanation
  • Example of ATG commerce Pipelines
    • Pipeline chain called during – Add to cart
      • repriceOrder
      • updateOrder
    • Pipeline chain called during – Checkout
      • MoveToPurchaseInfo
      • VerifyShippingInfo
    • Pipeline chain called during – Commit Order
      • SaveOrder
      • processOrder
      • VerifyShippingInfo
  • How do we handle – Multiple sites with different content?
    • Describe multisite implementation. Now based on the site id and site context we can identify what contents to display for which site.
    • the static content using targetters , scenarios and slots
  • How Payment groups are implemented?
    • How to do integrations with a new payment method?
    • Payment group integration
      • Credit card customization
      • Paypal
      • Bill Me Later
  • Endeca Integrations
    • Brief knowledge about Endeca – ATG integration
  • Internationalization implementation
    • I18 tag libs and retrieve the values from the properties file
  • Any Questions to Interviewer
    • Ask question about Project & Company
      • What roles and responsibilities
    • Production support or Development
    • Is there offshore development center
  • Next process about the formalities to complete.

Understand the complete picture of the ATG project, not just the modules you have worked. Understand the eCommerce knowledge. Other trends and moves by the industry giants. This will help you in Oracle ATG Interview.


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