Oracle ATG interview – 1 (Part 1)

Oracle ATG interview – 1 (Part 1)

Few Oracle ATG interview questions that you need to be aware Oracle ATG developer. This will help you to prepare for you next ATG interview. This from one of the Oracle ATG interview faced by lead developer of our team member

Oracle ATG Interview

Oracle ATG Interview

  • Tell me about your ATG experience

    • Description about your ATG Project1 – Most recent or Currently working
      • Explain about the Overall architecture
      • Modules you worked on
      • Roles and responsibilities
    • Description about your ATG Project1 – Most recent or Currently working
    • Next wait for the interviewer to dig deep into the modules you have worked for.
    • How you started with ATG and prior experience if you worked on technologies like – Struts Spring,


  • You area of work in detail

    • Project1
      • Pricing and Promotions
      • Profile Management
      • Batch / data Processing
      • Home Page
      • Few change requests and Defect analysis and fixing.
    • Project2
      • Similarly explain your modules – as per your work experience
    • Details about how you got into ATG implementation


Note that you need to talk in terms of eCommerce terminologies and also try to be aware of complete picture of your project, not just your modules.

  • Process and nature of work with day to day activities details (Roles and responsibilities)

    • How do you get requirements from client – BRD or SRS
    • Analyze and raise clarification to clients / BA
    • Final version of BRD / Signed version of BRD
    • Technical Design Document TDD/ High Level Design HLD in discussion with Leads and architects. It depends on the schedule you go with the detailed design or just high level design
    • Get the signed off TDD/ HLD
    • Implementation and Coding
    • Change request – handling process
    • Testing
    • Releases
    • Production Support

Note: if you are not aware of all these phases of life, try to know the process followed in all these phases of your project. This plays important role in analyzing the learning attitude of the candidate

  • Talks about Frequent releases – Your role as part of it.
  • Lead responsibilities – If you lead a team or Senior developer and involved in coordination’s
    • tell few things about your roles and responsibilities and about your team coordination activities
    • Interaction with manager
    • Status reporting to your manager
      • Work break down structure
      • Daily status update to manager / client
      • Reporting
      • Testing team interaction
      • Taking status call and coordinating with Client if required
    • QA/ Integration testing QA/SAT/ PAT


  • Technical questions – most of the time the question as based on the project modules and your technical expertise put in your resume. So ensure you are aware of the skills in your resume.

    • How pricing works in ATG – Complete Pricing flow and its component
      • Explain OOTB Flow
      • Explain the Project specific custom modifications as part of the pricing flow
      • But know all the terminologies in the modules your have worked, as it sets the tempo of the interview and first impression
      • Other Pricing Engines and how they work
    • When updating an ATG order, what cautions do you take?
    • What are different Caches in ATG?
      • Disabled
      • Simple
      • Locked
      • Distributed
        • JMS
        • TCP
        • Hybrid

Brief description about each of cache types, with live example of the repository your project and why you decided to use the cache type.


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