Oracle ATG Interview – 2 (Sample Interview Questions)

Oracle ATG Interview – 2 (Sample Interview Questions)

Below are the set of Oracle ATG Interview questions asked during interview of a US based retailer. We have listed them to help you understand practicality of the interview.This will give you an overall view how a Oracle ATG interview will shape-out during the interview process.

Oracle ATG Interview

Oracle ATG Interview

  • Brief introduction about yourself and experience
  • Tell me about your projects and Oracle ATG Commerce experience
  • Know the Expectation before the interview, this will help you to anticipate the questions in the interview, like
    • Commerce
    • BCC
    • Oracle Endeca
  • Explain your Strong Areas like
    • Pricing
    • Purchase process
    • Feed Processing
    • Home Page
    • Profile
    • Shopping cart

Oracle ATG Interview Questions

  • Tell me on click of Home page / any page – request handling happens?
    • You need to explain about the request handling pipeline
    • Explain DAF Pipeline flow
  • What is a Form Handler?
    • Explain of FormHandler
      • Pre and Post methods
      • Use of pre method and post method quoting a live example
    • Name few OOTB FormHandler – in various flows
    • Custom FormHandler implemented as part of your project and few
  • What is a Droplet?
    • Explain use of droplet
    • How do you write custom droplet
    • Name few OOTB droplets
  • How do you write a custom Droplet?
    • Explain the steps involved in writing the custom droplet
    • Explain the scenario where you have written custom droplets in your project.
  • How is Error handling done in Form Handler? Explain
  • How do we achieve different pricing in your website? Example US and Geman site –
    • It is achieved using Pricelist. Explain Price List and advantage of using it.
  • How Pricing Works in ATG?
  • What does an Order contains?
  • Explain purchase order flow?
  • What are the major Form Handlers in various flows?
    • Shopping cart
    • Payment Page
    • Shipping page
    • Order Review Page
    • Order confirmation page
  • What is Pipeline? How is it implemented in ATG? What are the out of the box pipelines?
  • What is the difference between ServiceParameter and ServiceLocalParameter?
  • What is use of PriceModelHolder?
  • How are Promotions implemented in ATG? Types of promotion?
  • Feed Processing implemented in ATG (Schedulers)
    • Performance issues
    • Endeca mapping – how Endeca understands ATG data
  • Various types of Caches in ATG? Which caching technique to use when? What are the various caching mechanism implemented in your project?
  • Various cache Modes in Oracle ATG Commerce
  • What is a Repository? What are the OOTB repositories in ATG? Explain custom repositories implemented as part of your project? Steps involved in writing a custom repository?
  • Various types of tables in ATG? Primary, Auxiliary and Multi.
  • Can you Explain Data Any Where Architecture  in ATG
  • What is Sub-type in ATG? When do you create a sub-type? Explain with an example from your project?
  • How do you extend a repository?
  • Use of Transient properties. Explain a scenario implementing a transient property
  • Differentiate Express checkout vs Normal check out


Any questions as part of  Oracle ATG Interview

  • Ask about project
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Reporting to
  • Expectations

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