Oracle ATG Pricing – Interview Questions

Oracle ATG Pricing – Interview Questions

One of the important concepts or modules in Oracle ATG commerce is Oracle ATG pricing.

Oracle ATG pricing offers a wide range of pricing options to ecommerce application, through its Pricing Services – Pricing Engine and Calculators.  No ATG interview can be complete without asking questions on oracle ATG Pricing modules.Following are the set of interview question you can frequently expect on Oracle ATG Pricing

Pricing types

  • Static Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing

Pricing Objects

  • Item
  • Order
  • Shipping
  • Tax

Pricing Model  

Is a RepositoryItem used to calculate the price of a item based on the method to caclulate a price and parameters to use.

Type of pricing calculators in ATG commerce

  • Percent discount
    • for example, 10% off all Watches
  • Set price
    • for example, buy 3 pants, get 1 shirt for $30
  • Amount off
    • for example, $15 off all Shoes

Discounts can be applied to these pricing items:

  • Items
    • objects in shopping cart
  • Order
    • the order total
  • Tax
    • tax on an order
  • Shipping
    • cost of shipping


Oracle ATG Pricing

Oracle ATG Pricing








  • Qualifiers
    • Closeness qualifiers
  • Targets


ATG PricingServices


  • ItemPriceEngine –  used to determine the right Item Pricing method
  • OrderPricingEngine – invokes OrderPricingCalculators that apply promotions
  • ShippingPriceEngine  – loads shipping-level promotions
  • TaxPricingEngine – used to invoke TaxPricingCalculators used to determine how taxes should be calculated.


  • ItemPricingCalculators – used to apply item level promotions and return an updated order subtotal.
  • OrderPricingCalculators – used to apply order level promotions and return the updated order subtotal.
  • ShippingPricingCalculator – used to apply shipping related promotions and return the updated order subtotal.
  • TaxPricingCalculators – used to apply tax-level promotions and returns the updated order subtotal.

PriceItemDroplet –

RepriceOrderDroplet – Based on the Param

Pricing Calculation Flow

Types of Pricing

How Pricing is done in Add to Cart? Check out?

What are the Pricing customization done in any ATG application?

Price Lists

Pricing Implementation – Example

  • NextDay
  • Ground
  • TwoDay


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