Oracle ATG Targetter Slot and Scenario

Oracle ATG Targetter Slot and Scenario

How do we personalize content for Customers in an ATG application?

We can achieve personalization of content for customers Using Oracle ATG Targeter, Slot, and Scenario

Any ATG application uses a common approach to personalizing its content.  It uses a combination of targeters, slots, and scenarios.

Targeters determine what type of content to show to individual customers.

Slots are the placeholders in web pages to store the customized content.

Scenarios are used to create the link between slots and targeters in the following way:

  1. On any ATG application when a customer tries to accesses a page that has a slot, the slot requests content.

                Note: Any ATG Application store front can have two types of pages that may contain slots, ATG-driven pages and                            Experience Manager-driven pages.

                ATG Driven Pages

ATG-driven pages in turn use ATG slots embedded directly within them. You can get more information in ATG driven                      pages using ATG slots, see the Personalization Programming Guide and the Personalization Guide for Business Users.

                Experience Manager-driven pages

Experience Manager-driven pages use cartridges that get their content from ATG slots. To get more information on how                  Experience Manager-driven pages use ATG slot cartridges, see the Using Cartridges in Commerce Reference Store                          chapter.

  1. The request for slot’s content initiates a scenario.
  2. The scenario is made of rules that tell it which targeter to execute.
  3. The targeter finds the appropriate content for the customer request and returns it to the associated scenario.
  4. The scenario in turn returns the content to the JSP page and with the slot’s populated.
    • Note: slots are only used to store content. Other logic must be present on the JSP page to render the content


Below diagram explains use of Oracle ATG Targetter Slot and Scenario, in personalizing of content in ATG applications.

Personalization of content for customers Using Oracle ATG Targetter Slot and Scenario

Oracle ATG Targetter Slot and Scenario

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