Oracle Endeca Training

Oracle Endeca Training

Simplifi Commerce is the premier Oracle Commerce Platform (Oracle ATG, Oracle Endeca & Oracle WebCenter)

implementation service provider. The company currently operates in the US, with centers in India and clients in the India,

United States and Europe.

Simplifi Commerce was founded in 2013 by group of ATG & Endeca experts. We also provide live online training sessions on

Oracle ATG, Oracle Endeca & Oracle Web Center. Our live training courses are delivered by Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca

experts with real-world industry experience.



It all began with a dream to make a difference in the world of eCommerce, to unleash the potential of Oracle Commerce

Platform, and to create engaged resources and provide reusable accelerators to customers. We are passionate and dedicated

bunch of experts to help the organizations to setup Oracle web commerce practice and implementation.



SIMPLIFI COMMERCE (SimCom) – we simplifi your commerce better

At Simplifi Commerce we provide advanced technology service to build end-to-end eCommerce solution in the world of

Oracle Commerce Platform (includes ATG/Endeca/WebCenter). SimCom services are highly flexible, customizable to each

client integrations and partner systems.


SIMPLIFI COMMERCE Labs (SiCL)creating experts to Simplifi the commerce world

At Simplifi Commerce Labs, we help individual resource and their organization, to learn & operate efficiently the Oracle

Commerce Platform – ATG, Endeca & WebCenter.  As part of SiCL we also provide live online training sessions on Oracle ATG,

Oracle Endeca & Oracle Web Center. Our live training courses are delivered by Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca experts with

real-world industry experience.



Through expert leadership & our expertise in Oracle Commerce, we have reputation in building Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca

practices that improve individual and organizational performance in the world of eCommerce.



We at SIMPLIFI COMMERCE Labs (SiCL) are dedicated in making difference to an individual resource and
their organizations in the world of Oracle Web Commerce. Developing great resources and practices is the key to success of an

eCommerce organization. We help to develop Oracle Web Commerce practice through our real-world industry experience working

for major ecommerce projects in the eCommerce arena. We have experience working for clients like – John Lewis, Kohls, TBC,

Falabella, Woolworths, Express, Maritz, Passarela, Liverpool, AnnTaylor, OfficeMax and BestBuy.


Oracle Endeca Training

Oracle Endeca Training

Module 1 Endeca Technical Basics  
This module describes the basic fundamentals, features, components and architecture of Oracle Endeca Commerce.
Task 1 Introduction to Oracle Endeca Commerce
Task 2 How Endeca Commerce works
Task 3 Endeca Guided Search Features
Task 4 Overview on Endeca Commerce components
Task 5 Walkthrough of few commerce sites implemented using Endeca
Module 2 Project Basics  
This module explains installing Oracle Endeca Commerce components and provision an Oracle Endeca Commerce application using deployment template
Task 1 Oracle Endeca Commerce Installation
Task 2 Directory Structure
Task 3 EAC and deployment template
Task 4 Developer Studio
Task 5 Update Strategies
Task 6 Deploying an Application
Module 3 Data Design  
This module explains the Endeca Properties, Dimensions and the various design considerations for properties and dimensions
Task 1 Introduction to Data Design
Task 2 Understanding Endeca Record and its attributes
Task 3 Creating and Mapping Properties
Task 4 Creating and Mapping Dimensions
Module 4 Navigation Configuration  
This module explains how to configure different types of dimension values, external taxonomies and enhancing navigation
Task 1 All about manual dimension values
Task 4 Enhance Navigation – Dynamic Refinement Ranking
Task 5 Enhance Navigation – Precedence Rules
Module 5 Search Configuration  
This module explains how to enable and optimize record search, implement search interfaces, specify match modes and Boolean search
Task 1 Record Search
Task 2 Search Interfaces
Task 3 Match Modes
Task 4 Wildcard Search
Task 5 Snippeting
Module 6 Enhancing Search  
This module explains enhancing search using features such as Stemming, Thesaurus, Stop Words and Auto-Phrasing and Spell Correction
Task 1 Stemming
Task 2 Thesaurus
Task 3 Stop Words & Auto-Phrasing
Task 4 Spell Correction
Module 7 Relevance Ranking  
This module details Relevancy Ranking pertaining to Oracle Endeca and enabling the same using Developer Studio
Task 1 Relevance Ranking & Strategies
Task 2 Record Boost & Record Bury
Task 3 Relevancy Ranking Evaluator
Module 8 Joining and Manipulating Data  
This module explains the various pipeline components user for merging data and manipulating the data
Task 1 Pipeline Components for Joining Data
Task 2 Manipulators (Record & Java Manipulators)
Module 9 Introduction to CAS  
This module explains the main goals of Content Acquisition System and its components
Task 1 CAS Overview
Task 2 CAS Components
Module 10 Product Catalog Integration  
This module details the product catalog integration features and describes the overview of ATG-Endeca Integration process, load product catalog integration example
Task 1 Product Catalog Integration: Overview
Task 2 Product Catalog Integration: Configuration
Task 3 ATG-Endeca Integration Process
Module 11 Introduction to Experience Manager Apps  
This module describes the experience manager architecture and create pages and content collection using OOTB cartridges
Task 1 Experience Manager Architecture
Task 2 Using Experience Manager to create content collections
Task 3 Using Experience Manager to create landing pages
Task 4 Populating landing pages with OOTB cartridges
Module 12 Creating Experience Manager Cartridge Templates  
This module explains the difference between a page and cartridge template, create and deploy custom templates
Task 1 Template Overview
Task 2 Building Cartridges
Task 3 Managing Cartridges
Task 4 Out-of-the-Box Reference
Module 13 Using Assembler and Processing Assembler Results  
This module details the assembler architecture, flow of an assembler request and processing the assembler results
Task 1 Assembler Architecture
Task 2 Flow of an Assembler Request
Task 3 Configure the Assembler
Task 4 Process Assembler Response
Task 5 Render OOTB cartridges data
Task 6 Configure SEO links
Module 14  Cartridge Handlers & Configurations  
This module details the steps to create and deploy a cartridge handlers, various extension scenario’s and cartridge configurations
Task 1 Create & Deploy cartridge handler
Task 2 Discuss cartridge handler extension scenario’s
Task 3 Configuration Layering & accessing configuration in handlers
Module 15 Using Endeca Workbench with Experience Manager  
This module details the steps to access Endeca workbench its key features and experience manager capabilities
Task 1 All about Endeca workbench
Task 2 Experience Manager capabilities
Task 3 Configuring Preview
Module 15 Analyze Commerce Reference Store 10.2  
This module analyses the various components provided by CRS 10.2 to integrate ATG with Endeca 3.1.2
Task 1 Nucleus Assembler Components
Task 2 Indexing Configurations
Task 3 Extending ProductCatalogOutputConfig
Task 4 Extending CategoryToDImensionOutputConfig
Task 5 Custom Cartridge Handlers
Task 6 Understand the reference implementation


Why we’re right for the job…

  • We discuss core concepts and best practices for managing an Oracle Web Commerce implementation
  • Instructor-led sessions with hands-on activities using own data and application maximize effective knowledge transfer and deliver maximum benefits to business users.
  • All our team members are Oracle ATG Web Commerce Suite 10 Implementation Developer certified and have more than 10 years of experience in the eCommerce domain.
  • Few of our team members are Oracle Certified Trainers in Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca.
  • We have custom built theoretical presentation, lab exercises and solution kit to each lab exercise.
  • We have Onsite and Offshore team to support the resource in all time zones.
  • Each resource attending the session will have the ATG application setup by end of 10 weeks, to learn & practice the future customizations in their local machine.
  • A reference live project – highlighting real time integration touch points from a complex commerce application.
  • Real time use cases from the live projects for customizing the Out of the box implementation.
  • We can coordinate between various Time zones.
  • Tips to handle and clear ATG interviews.
  • We can provide 2 hours introductory session on Oracle Commerce platform and our methods to your team. We will continue only if your team wants to learn from us.
  • We help to learn and develop Oracle Web Commerce practice through our real-world industry experience working for major ecommerce projects in the eCommerce arena.
  • We have experience working for clients like – John Lewis, Kohls, TBC, Falabella, Woolworths, Express, Maritz, Passarela, Liverpool, AnnTaylor, OfficeMax and BestBuy.
  • Our vision is not to be a training institute; we want to be Oracle ATG/Endeca implementation service providers.
  • We don’t call ourselves as trainers, we are ATG / Endeca experts and we teach from our experience.


Costs, Duration & Methods

Email us for Cost details

Oracle Endeca Commerce training (8 – 10 weeks, 3 days a week + Lab Exercises)

We connect remotely using GoToMeeting


Think we’re right for the job? Reach Us Out…

Interested to know how Simplifi Commerce can make a quantifiable difference to your organization? Submit your information

Email at or

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