Overview of Endeca Commerce Modules

Overview of Endeca Commerce

Overview of Endeca Commerce

  • Endeca Guided Search
    • MDEX Engine
    • Platform Services
    • Tools and Frameworks
    • Presentation API
    • CAS – Content acquisition system
    • Endeca Developer Studio
    • RAD Toolkit (For ASP.NET)
  • Endeca Experience Manager
    • Content
    • Template
    • Spring Assembler
    • Catridge Handler
    • User Profiling
    • Targetting
    • Preview
    • Auditing
  • Endeca Social
    • Facebook Connector
    • Facebook Social Catridges
    • Facebook Extension pack
  • Endeca For Mobile
    • iOS support ToolKit
    • Mobile APIs
    • Mobile Web

Oracle Endeca Capabilities

Oracle Endeca

  • Targetted content delivery is automated. No need for manual content delivery.
  • Endeca has a strong platform – MDEX Engine
  • Endeca Experience Manager (previously called a Endeca Page builder) gives better experience building capabilities. Mix static and dynamic content
  • A good reference application to demonstrate the capabilities across multiple channel
  • Improved response time

Overview of Endeca Commerce

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Overview of Endeca Commerce

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