Reasons for Defect Leakage

What is the reasons for Defect Leakage?

  • Negligence
  • Lack of discipline
  • Do not know what to do
  • Lack of domain knowledge
  • Skills
  • Do not care about any process – will do my way
  • Jumping into coding without think / understanding the problem / requirement
  • Increasing checkstyle errors
  • Increasing Find bugs
  • No coding guidelines followed
  • No Junits
  • Bad design
  • Bugzilla comments are not appropriate / complete

Reasons for Defect Leakage

The step by step approach to avoid defect leakage is as follows:

Step-1 : List down all the critical issues faced during the project period.

Step-2 : Analyze which issue topped the chart i.e which issue contributed the major percentage.

These two steps are done using the Pareto diagram.

Step-3 : For that particular issue find out the various possible reasons that could have been a cause for the issue and analyze on every reasons.

Step-4 : Narrow down on the cause of the issue.

The above two steps are done using the fish bone diagram.

Step-5 : Now with the analyzed data , gather your team and draw a why why diagram and there you are with your solution.

Step-6 : Find a permanent fail proof solution for the reason found out.

Step-7 : Document your finding and data analyzed.


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