Oracle Commerce – What’s New in Oracle Commerce 11.1?

What’s New in Oracle Commerce 11.1?

Oracle Commerce 11.1

  • Summary of Oracle Commerce 11.1
    • Omni-Channel Experience Delivery
    • Digital Experience and Content Management Business User Control
    • B2B Commerce Feature-Set Enhancements
    • Platform TCO Enhancements & Integrations
  • Oracle Commerce Components
    • Downloadable components as part of this release:
      • Oracle Commerce Platform 11.1
      • Oracle Commerce Tools and Frameworks 11.1
      • Oracle Commerce MDEX Engine 6.5.1
      • Oracle Commerce Service Center 11.1
      • Oracle Commerce Content Acquisition System 11.1
      • Oracle Commerce Assisted Selling Application 11.1
      • Oracle Commerce Reference Store 11.1
  • Oracle Commerce Platform
    • Coherence*Web Support
    • LDAP Support for Commerce SSO
    • Improved Commerce SSO User Management
  • Oracle Core Commerce Engine
    • B2B: Users in Multiple Organizations
    • Quoting Framework
    • Catalog Maintenance Service Updates
    • No Persistence of Empty Orders
  • Oracle Commerce MDEX Engine
    • Spelling Dictionary Auditing
  • Oracle Commerce Business Control Center
    • Web Content Authoring
  • Oracle-Commerce Workbench
    • Edit in Experience Manager Preview
    • Experience Manager Site-Specific Pages
    • Configuration Import & Export Public Formats
  • Oracle-Commerce Service Center (CSC)
    • Site-Based Access Control
    • Orders & Profile Search Available During Bulk Index
  • Oracle-Commerce Reference Store (CRS)
    • Updated Configuration Import API & Deployment Template Integration
    • Support for Content Assets: Content Spotlight Cartridge & Article Detail Page
    • Store Locator Powered by MDEX
    • Scan & Add to Cart
    • Support for iOS 7
  • Oracle-Commerce Assisted Selling Application (ASA)
    • Sled Integration for Tender by Credit or Debit Card
    • Suspend & Transfer


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Oracle Commerce 11.1

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